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Psychotherapy sessions

As a fully qualified counsellor, I believe that everything can be solved with time, empathy and someone who is willing to listen. The journey can be difficult but together with your commitment and presence we can work towards your next step in life.

Session details

Each counselling session is 50 minutes long. Most of the sessions are held weekly and should be booked one week in advance. Sessions are at regular agreed times. It is not normally possible to rearrange them at short notice. I will do all I can on my part to ensure you are inconvenienced as little as possible through missed or delayed appointments. I will inform you well in advance of any weeks I am away on holiday or for professional reasons and will give a minimum 48 hours notice of any cancelled sessions where possible.

Length of therapy

We will start with an initial six session period. At the end of this we will evaluate the situation and decide whether we will enter fully into the therapeutic contract. We will either set a specific period for the therapeutic process, such as six months, two years, etc, or we will (more usually) leave the contract open-ended. During the period of the therapeutic relationship we will have regular review sessions on an approximately six-monthly basis. When you want to stop therapy, it is usually appropriate to meet for a mutually agreed number of sessions in which the ending of the relationship can be addressed and accomplished. The number depends on the length and depth of the relationship. An onward referral can be arranged where appropriate.

Payments and cancellation policy

Sessions are hourly or pre-paid via block bookings. Payment for your session is due upon receipt of invoice. This will then confirm your session booking. Payments can be made by bank transfer. Bank details available on request.

At least 48 hours notice must be given in case you would like to cancel your appointment to ensure you incur no fee. If you cancel with 24-48 hours notice, 50% of the standard cost will be charged. If your session is cancelled within less than 24 hours you will be required to pay the full session amount.